Constructive Standards

EN 50288-7

Multi-element metallic instrumentation cables used in analogue and digital communication and control.

PAS 5308

Polyethylene insulated instrumentation and control cables. This standard sets out requirements for polyethylene insulated control and instrumentation cables which are not covered in the related European standard, BS EN 50288-7.

IEC 60502-1

Power cables with extruded insulation and their accessories for rated voltages from 1 kV (Um = 1,2 kV) and 3 kV (Um = 3,6 kV).

BS 5467

Electric Cables. Thermosetting Insulated, Armoured Cables For Voltages Of 600/1000 V And 1900/3300 V (British Standard).

 IEC 60092-376

Screened and unscreened cables for control and instrumentation circuits on ships and offshore units.

IEC 60092-353

Power cables for rated voltages 1 kV and 3 kV for installation in ships.

BS 6346

Standards PVC Insulated Cables, 600/1000V (British Standard).

BS 6883

Cables used in power, control, instrumentation, and propulsion systems on board ships and fixed or mobile offshore units. (British Standard).

IEC 60584-3

Identification and manufacturing tolerances for extension and compensating cables.

NF M 87-201

Specification for extension and compensation thermocouple cables.

NF M 87-202

French Standard (Norme Française) covering instrumentation cables for the petroleum and petrochemical industry.

ISA MC 96.1

This section establishes terminology, symbols, normal wire size, recommended upper temperature limit, and tolerance for thermocouples and extension wire.