Cables of Camuna Cavi to power the Synchrotron of CNAO

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After a market research, which involved a comparative evaluation of different offers, Camuna Cavi was selected for the supply of instrumental cables for the power supply of the SYNCHROTONE of CNAO (National Center for Oncological Hadron therapy of Pavia), a complex particle accelerator.

SYNCHROTONE is installed in a bunker of 1600 square meters located in the heart of the CNAO’s headquarter in Pavia.

This particle accelerator is the only in Italy capable of extracting carbon ions from the atom, which are the most powerful particles for the treatment of tumors resistant to traditional radiotherapy or inoperable.

In the world there are only 5 other centers that can do this.

How does SYNCHROTONE work?

Camuna Cavi studied and designed instrumental cables, in accordance with the CPR regulation, to power this machine in total safety.

Camuna Cavi tested the cables is its laboratories according to the following standards, as required by the CPR regulation in force:

EN 50399: Measurement of heat emission and smoke production on cables during flame development test.

IEC 60332-1-2: Test of vertical non-propagation of the flame on a single insulated conductor or cable.

IEC 60754-2: Test on gases emitted during combustion of materials taken from cables. Determination of acidity (by pH measurement) and conductivity.

IEC 61034-2: Measurement of the density of the smoke emitted by the cables during fire.

All these tests ensure an excellent performance of non-propagation of fire, low emission of halogen gases and toxic fumes.

Camuna Cavi developed a range of cables dedicated to meeting this stringent European standard, and continues to invest resources for the study, development, analysis of these products in order to meet customer demands.