VDE & IMQ approvals for Fire Test Competence Center


The CPR laboratory has reached a significant milestone by being successfully certified by the reputable testing authorities VDE and IMQ for the testing of cables and wires.

The following CPR tests, among others, can be performed:

EN 50399: Measurement of heat release and smoke generation during flame propagation tests on cables

IEC 61034-2: Measurement of smoke density of cables and insulated wires during burning under defined conditions

IEC 60754-2: Testing of gases generated during combustion of cable and insulated wire materials

IEC 60332-1-2: Tests on electrical and fibre optic cables under fire conditions - Test for vertical flame spread on a wire, insulated wire or cable

Other fire tests that can also be tested:

IEC 60331 & EN 50200: Testing the insulation integrity of cables under fire conditions

IEC 60332-3: Testing the vertical flame spread of vertically arranged bundles of cables and insulated wires

ISO 4589-2/3: Determination of burning behaviour using the oxygen index

IEC 60754-3: Measurement of low halogen content by ion chromatography of gases evolved during combustion of cable and insulated wire materials

The recognition is the result of an intensive and comprehensive testing process in which the CPR laboratory had to demonstrate its ability to perform various fire tests according to internationally recognised standards for cables and wires. Not only were the centre's technical competencies assessed, but also its management structures, quality assurance procedures and staff expertise.