Quality is absolutely crucial to success. This is because it is only when a customer is won over with high-quality products, advice and service that they can be satisfied in the long term. By using our products for your applications, you depend on our quality. We can guarantee this!


Quality and reference norms

Camuna Cavi processes are performed according to quality management certification ISO 9001:2015. Due to long and proved experience as instrumentation and control cable manufacturer, Camuna Cavi supplies cables according to several national and international standards including BS, IEC, EN, ISA, CEI, NF and costumized specifications.


Our track record in handling projects is systematic and extensive. Once assigned to a project we will assume the total responsibility for the complete execution through all the aspects of each single contract.


We provide value-added documentation such as engineering reports, testing reports, specific project reports. Professional project leaders ensure on-time delivery and quality products complying to exceeding customer’s requirement.

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