Gas Tight Cables IEC 60079-14 Annex e

Gas Tight Cables  IEC 60079-14 Annex e

Not all cables are suitable for installation in an ATEX environment. Reference standard is IEC 60079-14:2014.

IEC 60079-14: 2014 Annex E requires preventing the migration of combustible gases through cable.

Most of the cables do not have a fully compact structure. Open spaces may exist between cores and fillers, allowing combustible gases to flow in, or even spread.

The risk is higher when the cable contains porous fillers such as flow tissues and fibrous materials, which exhibit hygroscopic behavior.

The new Gas tight cables by Camuna Cavi for use in explosive areas meet not only the traditional requirements for cables used in explosive areas in terms of mechanical, chemical and thermal loads and  but also in terms of gas transmission through the cable.

Thanks to their special construction, can effectively prevent gas or vapour migration through the interstices between individual cores when the cable leads to a non-hazardous area or between different zones.

Camuna Cavi, thanks to its laboratory located in the production plant, can provide in-house testing solution and test report certificate of our gas tight cables.