Camuna Cavi on the Giornale di Brescia




A flow of positive energy is linking Edolo to the rest of the world. In recent days, the financial statements of CamunaCavi, a company belonging to the German Lapp Group and specializing in the production of instrumentation, control, power and thermocouple cables, have been published.

Well, as of last Sept. 30, the company chaired by Giovanni Pelà reported a 33% increase in turnover compared to the previous year, from a sales figure of 33.38 million euros to 44.55 million euros.

"The trend in revenues," the chairman writes in the Management Report, "was constant over the twelve-month period. The trend in profits, which settled with a pretax profit, amounting to 1.2 million euros (double that of the previous year), showed a contraction in the last quarter in which the effects of raw material increasing and delivery delays accumulated due to the constant growth in volumes demanded by the market were felt."  This is not a little problem, but Camuna Cavi has faced it with determination and, above all, with punctuality.


"The measures already put in place and the startup of a new extrusion line," Pelà reveals, "are already mitigating the problem, which should be finally resolved within the first quarter of next year.

In five years, the Edolo-based company has more than doubled its turnover, from 20.5 to 44.5 million, with an export value of 70%. "Faced with the strong growth in orders," Pelà admits, "the company has responded by improving production flexibility, strengthening the internal safety protocol, increasing the control of raw material revenues, and redefining the short-term investment plan. Production capacity has increased, as well as line saturation allowing the company to produce an extraordinarily positive result, especially when viewed in light of the war in Ukraine and the uncertainties hovering over the global economy."

CamunaCavi's growth, in short, has also been structural. For example, a number of highly qualified people have been added to the workforce. In addition, the company has made major investments in the past two years with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. "Self-generation of energy through photovoltaic panels has made it possible to offset increases in the cost of energy. As output increased by 30%, energy consumption absorbed by the grid dropped by 14%" Pelà confirms.

That's not the end of the story, Camuna Cavi has also begun replacing the company's fleet with full-electric hybrid vehicles. Speaking of electric mobility, the president admits that the company "is also expanding into the e-mobility and subway tunnel markets with customer-specific customizedproducts." The core business however remains cables for "servo motor" and "cable chain" application.



The company based in Edolo, manufactures instrumentation, control, power, and thermocouple cables. 70% of sales are attributable to catalogue products for the Lapp Group, and 30% to products made to customer specifications. Camuna Cavi is well known in the petrochemical industry with its fire-resistant and limited flame spread cables. The catalogue market, they confirm from the headquarters, has confirmed a strong acceleration in the post-Covid, particularly in markets related to power generation and distribution.