Chemical tests

Chemical, Aegin, Cold tests on insulation and sheaths.

Reference NormTest Description
IEC 60811-401Thermal ageing methods. Ageing in an air oven
IEC 60811-404Mineral oil immersion test for sheaths
IEC 60811-509Tests for resistance of PVC insulations and PVC sheaths to cracking
IEC 60811-502Shrinkage test for insulation
IEC 60811-503Shrinkage test for PE sheaths
IEC 60811-507Hot set test for cross-linked materials
IEC 60811-508Pressure test at high temperature for PVC insulations and PVC sheaths
CEI 20-34 0-1Hydrocarbon Resistance
IEC 60811-504Bending tests at low temperature for insulation and sheaths
IEC60811-506Impact test at low temperature for PVC insulations and sheaths
IEC 60754-1Determination of the halogen acid gas content
IEC 60754-2Determination of acidity (by pH measurement) and conductivity
IEC 60502-Par 17-2Insulation resistance measurement at maximum cond. temperature
PWISPaint Wetting Impairment Substancies
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