The New Hydrocracking Complex – Egypt.

December 2021: LAPP Camuna Cavi wins the contract for cable supply for a major EPC, for the construction of a New Hydrocracking Complex in Egypt.

Pipeline - Hydrocraking

The Site

The refinery plant includes the addition of two new complexes, one for naphtha and one for hydrocracking, along with the development of new units ranging from vacuum distillation to hydrogen production. The plant will allow the supply of high-quality petroleum products, minimizing atmospheric emissions and maximizing the production of LPG, high-octane naphtha, low-sulfur diesel, and aviation fuels.

The new refinery aims to reduce the ecological impact of hydrocarbon refining processes while maintaining high production standards by adopting a green approach, through the provision of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions.

Single Provider, Multiple Solutions: Comprehensive Cable Supply by LAPP Camuna Cavi

1.5 Million meters supplied over 3 years, worth approximately € 6M, LAPP Camuna Cavi immediately positioned itself to the client as a unique interlocutor, ensuring the supply of a complete package including various types of cables, such as:

  • Instrumentation
  • Control
  • Power
  • Thermocouple extension
  • Optical fibers

LAPP Camuna Cavi utilized its technical and production expertise to deliver high-quality special cables designed for installation in harsh environments, characterized by the presence of external agents such as oils, hydrocarbons, UV rays, and rodents.

In June 2024, we proudly and successfully completed the last supply for this Project which, until now, is the largest and most important project that LAPP Camuna Cavi has ever participated in.