With effect from 1st July 2017 it is obligatory for cables, having an intended use for permanent installation in buildings and construction works into the EU, to be accompanied by a Declaration of Performance (DoP) and to have CE marking under the Construction Product Regulation (CPR).

 This requirement relates only to the Reaction to Fire performance of the cables. 

The classification splits cables into 7 classes in respect of their reaction to fire. They range from Class Aca, being essentially non-combustible, to class Fca, which is for cables having no measurable resistance to the spread of flames. National regulations prescribe specific classes based on environment and installation rules and they can differ from country to country. 

Low-smoke, zero-halogen (LSZH) cables were built to meet three IEC standards: IEC 60332 for flame spread, IEC 60754 for smoke acidity and IEC 61034 for Smoke emission. CPR applies new criteria and testing procedures to promote a more harmonized standard describing cable fire performance.


In the last 5 years Camuna Cavi has focused on producing cables capable to pass all stringent tests required by CPR.

Thanks to the experience, highly qualified technical and laboratory teams, until today we obtained  DoP (Declaration of Performance) for products in this table:

Year Cable Description Construction normative CPR Class DoP
2019 FG16OHM16FM16 600/1000V CEI 20-13 Cca -s1b,d1,a1 CCE_DOP_190008
2019 FG16XHOHM16FM16  600/1000 V CEI 20-13 Cca -s1b,d1,a1 CCE_DOP_190009
2019 FG16OR16FR16  600/1000V CEI 20-13 Cca -s3,d1,a3 CCE_DOP_190003
2019 FG16OR16FR16  600/1000V CEI 20-13 Cca -s3,d1,a3 CCE_DOP_190002
2019 FG16R16  600/1000V IEC 60502-1 Cca -s3,d1,a3 CCE_DOP_190004
2019 HSLCH+SWB+H 600/1000V (FM9OHH2M1AM1) NFX 70-100/BS 6853 AB.1 B2ca - s1, d0 CCE_DOP_190012
2019 FG16OCR16FR16 600/1000V CEI 20-13 Cca -s3,d1,a3 CCE_DOP_190013
2019 RE-2X(ST)H-fl  300/500V (Pairs) EN 50288-7 Dca -s2,d2,a1 CCE_DOP_190010 Rev.02
2020 RE-2X(ST)H-fl  300/500V (Triples) EN 50288-7 Dca -s2,d2,a1 CCE_DOP_190010 Rev.02
2019 RE-2X(ST)HSWBH 300/500V EN 50288-7 Dca -s2,d2,a1 CCE_DOP_190011 Rev.01
2020 RE-2X(ST)H-fl  300/500V Pimf (Pairs) EN 50288-7 Dca -s2,d2,a1 CCE_DOP_200002

RE-2X(ST)H-fl  300/500V Timf (Triples) EN 50288-7 Dca -s2,d2,a1 CCE_DOP_200002
2019 UG16XOHH2M16 300/500V CEI 20-13 B2ca –s1a,d0,a1 CCE_DOP_190014
2019 RE4XHOHM16  300/500 V EN 50288-7 Cca -s1b,d2,a1  
2020 RE4XHOHM16FM16  300/500 V EN 50288-7 Cca -s1b,d2,a1 CCE_DOP_200005
2020 RE4OHM16  600/1000 V IEC 60502-1 Cca -s1a,d2,a1 CCE_DOP_200006
2019 RE4OHM16FM16  600/1000 V IEC 60502-1 Cca -s1b,d2,a1 CCE_DOP_190018
2019 FTG18OM16FM16  600/1000V  CEI 20-45 Cca -s1,d2,a1 CCE_DOP_190007
2019 FTG18OM16FM16  600/1000V CEI 20-45 Cca -s1,d2,a1  
2020  P FXP 0,6/1 KV + RS485/422 GEN.TO HD 603 Eca CCE_DOP_200003
2021 UE4(X)OHH2M16  300/300V EN 50288-7 Cca -s1b,d1,a1 CCE_DOP_210001
2021 FG16OHM16AM16 0,6/ 1kV IEC 60502-1 Cca -s1b,d1,a1 CCE_DOP_210005
2021 FG18OHM16AM16 0,6/ 1kV IEC 60502-1 B2ca -s1b,d1,a1  
2021 FG16XHOHM16AM16 0,6/ 1kV EN 50288-7 Cca -s1b,d1,a1  
2021 FG18XHOHM16AM16 0,6/ 1kV EN 50288-7 B2ca -s1b,d1,a1  
2021 FG16OM16AM16 0,6/ 1kV IEC 60502-1 Cca -s1b,d1,a1 CCE_DOP_210008
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